Result of English - Turkish dictionary

  • (f). şans eseri olarak vaki olmak
  • tesadüfen meydana gelmek
  • rast gelmek
  • (k.dili) . göze almak
  • denemek. chance on, chance upon tesadüfen bulmak.
  • (i)., (s). talih, şans
  • kader
  • ihtimal
  • fırsat
  • risk
  • riziko
  • (s). şans eseri olan. by chance tesadüfen, kazara. on the chance that ümidiyle. take one's chances talihe bırakmak. the chances are muhtemelen.

Result of German - Turkish dictionary

  • şans, fırsat, talih

Result of French - Turkish dictionary

  • şańs rastlantı
  • talih, şans, kısmet
  • olasılık, ihtimal, tesadüf avoir de la chance talihi olmak bonne chance! iyi şanslar!, şansın açık olsun! courir la chance tehlikeyi göze almak

Result of English - English dictionary

  • (n.) A supposed material or psychical agent or mode of activity other than a force, law, or purpose
  • fortune
  • fate
  • -- in this sense often personified.
  • (n.) The operation or activity of such agent.
  • (n.) The supposed effect of such an agent
  • something that befalls, as the result of unknown or unconsidered forces
  • the issue of uncertain conditions
  • an event not calculated upon
  • an unexpected occurrence
  • a happening
  • accident
  • fortuity
  • casualty.
  • (n.) A possibility
  • a likelihood
  • an opportunity
  • -- with reference to a doubtful result
  • as, a chance to escape
  • a chance for life
  • the chances are all against him.
  • (n.) Probability.
  • (v. i.) To happen, come, or arrive, without design or expectation.
  • (v. t.) To take the chances of
  • to venture upon
  • -- usually with it as object.
  • (v. t.) To befall
  • to happen to.
  • (a.) Happening by chance
  • casual.
  • (adv.) By chance
  • perchance.

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