Result of English - Turkish dictionary

  • (s)., (i). dişlere veya diş hekimliğine ait
  • (dilb). dişsel
  • (i). (t, d gibi) dişsel ünsuz. dental arch diş kavsi. dental nerve (anat). diş siniri. dental plate takma diş. dental surgery diş cerrahisi.

Result of French - Turkish dictionary

  • dañtal, d dişsil

Result of English - English dictionary

  • (a.) Of or pertaining to the teeth or to dentistry
  • as, dental surgery.
  • (a.) Formed by the aid of the teeth
  • -- said of certain articulations and the letters representing them
  • as, d t are dental letters.
  • (a.) An articulation or letter formed by the aid of the teeth.
  • (a.) A marine mollusk of the genus Dentalium, with a curved conical shell resembling a tooth. See Dentalium.

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