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  • (v. i.) The third person singular of the substantive verb be, in the indicative mood, present tense
  • as, he is
  • he is a man. See Be.
  • A contraction of is it.
  • See Iso-.
  • A prefix or combining form, indicating identity, or equality
  • the same numerical value
  • as in isopod, isomorphous, isochromatic.
  • Applied to certain compounds having the same composition but different properties
  • as in isocyanic.
  • Applied to compounds of certain isomeric series in whose structure one carbon atom, at least, is connected with three other carbon atoms
  • -- contrasted with neo- and normal
  • as in isoparaffine
  • isopentane.
  • Alt. of Isabel color
isabel color
  • See Isabella.
  • Alt. of Isabella color

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