Result of Turkish - English dictionary

  • besides. otherwise. in addition to. then again. additionally. again. also. else. on the side. into the bargain. to boot. extra. farther. further. furthermore. item. likewise. over and above. thereto. withal. yea. beyond. plus.
  • again. also. besides. further. furthermore. likewise. too.
  • also. besides. furthermore. separately. accountancy. again. wage economy. to be further enacted that. what is more. moreover. plus. a a- s. then. thereto. too.
  • concessionairy. privilege. concession. speciality. eligibility. favor. favour. benefit. cachet. charter. faculty. franchise. immunity. incident. oracle. peculiar. prerogative. refusal. royalty.
  • concession. franchise. prerogative. privilege.
  • privilege. concession. honour. prerogative. tenure.
  • preferential. privileged.
  • privileged. concessive. franchised.

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