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  • waiting. wait. waiting. expectance. expectancy. anticipation. contemplation. expectation.
  • anticipation. expectation. wait. waiting.
  • standby. waiting.
bekleme odası
  • anteroom.
  • waiting room.
bekleme salonu
  • waiting room. waiting hall. entry hall. lobby.
bekleme süresi
  • period of waiting. waiting period. waiting line.
  • mark time. wait. wait for. hope. expect. look forward to. watch. abide. anticipate. await. bargain for. bide. hang about. hang around. hold on. look for. have smth. in prospect. stand by. stay. tarry.
  • anticipate. await. expect. guard. think. wait. watch. to wait. to await. to hang on. to hold on. to stick around. to expect. to anticipate. to guard. to watch.
  • wait. to wait for. to expect. to expect from. to guard. to watch over. to attend. anticipate. await. bide. to keep guard. hang in. hope. look for. look forward to. stay. watch.
  • due. inevitable.
  • due. foregone. prospective. stock.
  • anticipated. expectation. expected. foreseeable. likely. specific performance. prospective.

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