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  • job. working. occupational. regulation. biz. work. things to do. job. occupation. profession. business. trade. concern. affair. function. piece of work. works. working. activity. appointment. assignment. ball game. billet. calling. cause. commerce. d.
  • act. action. affair. appointment. assignment. berth. business. commission. concern. deal. dealing. dealings. deed. duty. employment. field. function. handiwork. job. labour. matter. occupation. occupational. office. operation. position. post. profession. pursuit. service. show. situation. task. trade. transaction. undertaking. work. working. workpiece.
  • act. business. work. job. action. affair. commerce. employment. matter. occupation. profession. service. task. trade. duty. mission. the chief problem. something worth doing. agency. term. avocation. billet. biz. boom. breeze. commercial operation. commis.
iş adamı
  • businessman.
  • man of business. businessman. business man.
iş akdi
  • labor contract. employment contract.
iş alanı
  • field of business activity. economic business. operational area. sphere of business.
iş birliği
  • collaboration.
iş bölümü
  • department of labor.
  • division of labour. division of labor.

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